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That can lead us to neglect all the other fun and intimate things we can do in bed. After all, there are nerve endings all over the body, not just the genitals. After all, nobody knows your body better than yourself.

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I know, the root word is there, but sexy's informal definition is "exciting; appealing. That's a huge way to use the word sexy. Because the little sexy things long-term couples do to stay close don't always have to lead to a romp in the bedroom.

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It's important to remember, whether you're in a committed relationship, or you're casually involved with multiple people, all heterosexual sex does not have to lead to vaginal intercourse. There are many ways to have mind-blowing sex without putting a P in a V. Here are 6.

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No porn or half naked women there. Did anyone out there get particularly good advice about beginning their sex life? That a bit much for my tastes.

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There's no denying it, that sexual and physical spark is pretty important in a relationship. Yet, if you're only bonding in the bedroom, it could also mean your relationship might not get to a deeper, emotional level. A fix?

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Sometimes just being intimate can become far more fulfilling than sex. Human contact can ease our anxiety and help us to unwind with the release of the stress-relieving hormone, oxytocin! Whether you're waiting until marriage, identify as asexual, or simply wish to find other ways to connect with your partner, these sex alternatives are sure to provide plenty of love and bonding!

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People cheat in relationships. It happens. It happens in bad relationships and it happens in good relationships and it happens in just kinda OK relationships.

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Turn and look at your hubby right now. In all likelihood he's sitting in front of the TV, happily watching a sitcom, and -- oh dear, turn away -- he's scratching himself. Sorry you had to see that. But back to his merry mood: What is the source of all that inner happiness he's radiating?

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Log in. Marriage preparation counseling for couples seeking premarital counseling. Our counseling office helps couples who are engaged or seriously dating with premarital counseling services.

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Featuring an ingenious list of "things you can do", the leaflet aims to dissuade students from having sex until they are settled and married. Go shopping at the mall with your friends. Have a picnic with your friends at a local park or in your backyard. Have an 80's movie marathon.


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