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They made it sound so easy to sound cool by hating Mr. He managed to do what David Lee Roth never could. His music was the music we all listened to on our Walkmans, even when we told everyone we were listening to Roger Waters or Eric Clapton.

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What I do in characters or less : I take playing pretend really seriously. I play a game where I look at strangers and figure out which actor they look like. White sangria.

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Because those shows are critically acclaimed. They're well-respected. They're cool!

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Based in Burlington, Vermont, and self-described as high performance rock and roll, RAQ has seen its fair share of obstacles since it's inception. Instead of allowing those to hinder their determination to succeed in this business we call "music", they have used those obstacles as lyrical ammunition giving this band their unique sound featuring complex song structures coupled with quirky yet accessible lyrics and a healthy dose of full-band improvisation. Read more about RAQ on Last. Login Save and share your playlist with your friends when you log in.

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Sean Carson. The joy, simplicity and weirdness of homemade cars. Should loophole used by celebrities to avoid driving bans be tightened?

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April 21, Filed under News. You know that feeling you get when you really dig something, but are ashamed to admit to it because you fear the ridicule of your peers? In a little over a year, the foursome gained a respectable following, but were consistently chastised for there near resemblance too the other Burlington foursome, Phish.

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And as a bonus: See how many have gotten sucked into the hypnotizing, all-consuming, high-drama vortex of reality TV. Betty White. Lunch is usually a hot dog and French fries, or something equally devilish.

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Grateful Dead. Phish Powered by Phish. American Babies. Andrew Bird.

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Jasper Rees. How the alt-right cackled when this star-spangled nobility got in-yer-faced by a basket of deplorables from the West Virginia coalfield. In the circumstances, now is maybe not a propitious moment for Spike Lee who felt the Bern to unleash a finger-wagging homily about America and guns.

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Lee always has something to say, to the extent that his movies often seem more like message-delivery systems than actual movies. This is a deeply serious, biting picture that also has joy in its heart. Lee and cowriter Kevin Willmott have lifted Lysistrata out of ancient Greece and transplanted it to the south side of modern-day Chicago.


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